Our Mission and Vision

The Wilmington, North Carolina Chapter of The Links, Incorporated is a volunteer service organization that is a paragon for social change. It is an international civic organization of accomplished women linked in friendship and service that positively impacts outcomes affecting life in their communities and the world. Its core purpose is collective engagement primarily benefiting people of African descent.

The Wilmington, North Carolina Chapter of The Links, Incorporated, through its members, will become the premier friendship-based civic organization that provides life-changing community service.

Organizational Goals

To target critical youth issues through collective engagement to advocate, educate and advance those issues for the benefit of youth of African descent.

To foster creativity , dreams, and imagination through artistic endeavors.

To prepare and inspire the membership through effective leadership training.

To increase awareness of and provide social and economic aid for global issues affecting people of African descent.

To operate an effective, cost effective, cost efficient, civic organization steeped in friendship and service.

To promote the well-being of persons of African descent by helping to foster their economic growth and stability in a diverse society. To foster and promote strong bonds of friendship.

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